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Interface To DIRAC

DIRAC is a code for relativistic four-component quantum-chemical calculations.

The purpose of this interface is to generate the MOLECULE.INP file which is, besides of the DIRAC.INP file, needed as input for a calculation with this program package. To generate this file, specify %DIRAC in the ZMAT and provide the geometry information as well as the basis set as shown in the example ZMAT file:

   CL 1 R




Note that the specified basis set will be written as the uncontracted version into the file (this means that CONTRACTION=UNCONTRACTED is the default here).
Running xjoda will generate the file DMOLECULE.INP which has to be renamed to MOLECULE.INP by hand (since a file with named MOLECULE.INP is already generated).

For further information about DIRAC, please visit the website:

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Page last modified on January 07, 2023, at 02:37 PM
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